Marimekko Watering Can

Marimekko Watering Can

Choose an existing brand and design a watering can that embodies the identity of the brand.


Choose an existing brand and design a watering can that embodies the identity of the brand.


Marimekko is a Finnish textile/fashion powerhouse founded in 1951, known for their bold, colourful prints.
They produce clothing, bags, accessories and home goods which feature their various patterns.

As each product serves as a blank canvas for their prints, the form language conveyed is a quiet, sophisticated and timeless.

Marimekko primarily targets young to middle age women despite their range which
includes children's and men and unisex clothing. 

Prices of home wares typically range from $20-$50 so the average customers are likely to have some dispensable income. 




Initial Testing

Before the thinking about the form, I tested out this Home Depot watering can to
understand general limitations.

The watering can was capable of watering of holding up to 2 gallons of water. However, the angle and lack of adequate grip in the handle made it difficult to use the watering can when it was more than half full. Also, I found that the spout had to be taller than the opening to avoid unintentional spillage

Mood Board

mood board-01.png

I looked a variety of watering cans, tea kettles, and tea pots for inspiration.
I was particularly drawn to those with continuous handles.




I determined three features for my watering can:

1. a carrying / holding handle (horizontal)
2. a carrying / pouring handle (vertical/curved)
3. an opening for water to enter that isn't the spout or under a handle

I made some finn models to understand the scale and usability of the watering cans in relation to the body.


Final Prototype


The base was cut and sanded from blue foam, then spackled and spray painted.
Aluminium tubing was used for the spout, while the handle parts were made of rod due to the tight radius.