Sankofa Community Garden

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How can a space bring together a diverse community of residents?

Collaboration with Iman Serag and Rebecca Oesterling.
Working with the West Elmwood Housing Corporation through the Sankofa Initiative, we designed a community space for the apartments for low-income residents. Features were taken from our design are implemented and currently being built on 57 Sprague St. in Providence, Rhode Island.

We organized our research into 4 main categories:  Play Spaces, Gathering Spaces, Community Gardens, and Demographics.

I worked in the Community Gardens research team.

Over the course of two weeks, I visited 10 different community gardens to
observe the space and to speak to local farmers, residents, gardeners and organizers.

Design Overview

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Other Possible Layouts?

We experimented and came up with about 40 different bed arrangements. We were most drawn to the radial patterns which best served our mission of unity.