Outer Spice Exploration


Outer Spice Exploration

A personalised smelling and tasting experience
which aims to open conversations to celebrate the diversity of different cultures through food.

In this way, participants are invited to reflect about their own experiences with spice,
and to learn about expanding their palette across cultures.




As a third-culture-kid ( one that neither completely identifies with the culture of their parents nor that of the place they grew up ), I am a proponent of new merging cultures, fusion cuisines born from adaptiveness human nature to practice and preserving cultural traditions in a new geographic place. I believe that a “melting pot” of different cultural backgrounds is not the most ideal outcome, rather a “tossed salad”– one that acknowledges the origins of cultures (the tomatoes, the croutons, etc.) while embracing the new culture that is the “salad” made in collaboration.


The Event

Where / Met Room B (wide screen + big space + communal space)
When. / February 5, 2018
Who. /Class of 12 students + 2 teachers
How /Popcorn seasoned with 30 different spices. Participants asked to taste and
smell, and to record their responses. Film played in the background.


Recorded Responses

Participants were given numbered cards, and clipboards to record their responses.
The number column represents the correlated bowl of popcorn.

Print Version_Tiff-01.jpg

This was the initial response sheet.

The sheet on the left linked all the spices to names and suggested ways to incorporate the spice in future meals. This served as a souvenir for the participants.

The sheet on the right sat on top of the left sheet and revealed only the numbers. This was for the participants to record their own personal experience with a particular taste or smell.

These were some participant responses.


The Documentary

Documentary focuses on sharing a variety of diverse perspectives on food and culture.

Interview questions were:
• Name, Places Lived, Cultural Identity
• What’s your favourite food
• What’s home food to you?